The auto-enrolment solution for Northern Ireland

Can I get a copy of my Contribution Statement?

The Contribution Statement provides a breakdown of the contributions due to be paid so it is important that you save a copy of this for your records.

Select the Account Login option at the top right hand corner of the screen, then the Employer Login option.

Enter your username and password.

Select Upload and view contributions or View and amend your contribution statement and then click Contribution Statement - a new window (pop up) will open and it will show the most recent version of the report.

Please ensure you have set your computer to allow pop ups from

We will email you each month to let you know when the processing period opens and closes. Contribution changes made outside of these dates will not be reflected here until the next Contribution Statement has been generated, at which point the Contribution Statement will adjust to match any changes you have made in the interim.

To view the Contribution Statement as an Adobe Acrobat file, click on the Export drop down button and select PDF. The Contribution Statement can then be printed or saved on to your own computer.

Previous Contribution Statements can be downloaded using the Contribution History option on the Contribution Processing screen.

There are 2 formats available:

  • .csv file which can be opened in Excel showing previous contribution uploads
  • .pdf file of previous Contribution Statements