The auto-enrolment solution for Northern Ireland

Extracting information from your payroll software

How do I extract the information from Payroll?

  • Sage

Sage has developed a new report for Workers Pension and have advised that customers who wish to obtain the report should contact Sage Technical Support either by telephone (0191 479 5955, 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri), or online via their Help Centre. Sage will then provide the report to customers.  

A link to the Sage guidance article concerning Automatic Enrolment reports can be found here.  If you are using the Workers Pension report from Sage, ensure that you have exported the files by clicking the Report to Excel button, then save the file in .csv format.  The file can then be uploaded directly to our website.

  • Moneysoft

The new report is now available on Moneysoft. 

  • Brightpay

The new report format is available on Brightpay.

  • Iris

Iris customers should contact Iris directly to obtain the new report.

  • Xero

Xero has advised that they produce a standard PAPDIS file which can be downloaded and adjusted to fit the pension providers requirements. This does not include a gross earnings figure so you need to use the pensionable earnings figure which is not inclusive of qualifying earning thresholds. In order to allow the scheme to validate your contributions correctly please contact us and we can amend the calculation method to first pound on your account.

  • Other Providers / Bespoke Systems

Employers / Accountants should contact their payroll provider directly in order to amend their report format.

Alternatively, the contribution information can be entered into the new grid, without the need to upload a file. This has been introduced to assist small employers.