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What is the pension contribution upload file format?

The following information is required for the pension contribution upload file:

Column Field Content Data Type (max characters) Example
A* NINO Alphanumeric (9) XX111111X
B Employee Name (this field will not be validated and is purely for information purposes) Alphanumeric (200) Peter Wilson
C* Date PRP Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 03/10/2020
D* Date PRP End Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 09/10/2020
E* Salary for PRP Numeric (5,2) 00000.00
F Employer Pension Contribution (including Salary Sacrifice Contribution, if applicable) Numeric (5,2) 00000.00
G Employee Pension Contribution Numeric (5,2) 00000.00
H Group Life Assurance (if applicable) Numeric (5,2) 00000.00
I Employer Lump Sum (if required) Numeric (5,2) 00000.00
J Employee Lump Sum (if required) Numeric (5,2) 00000.00
K Column no longer used Blank Blank

*Mandatory fields

Example - weekly paid employees

Example - monthly paid employees

NB When saving the file, it must be saved as the file type CSV (Comma delimited). 

The file should contain no titles or totals.  If employees are paid weekly, then each week’s contributions should be shown (see example above).

This information should be extracted from your payroll software. Please refer to your payroll software guidance for information on how to do this.

Once extracted, the information should be arranged in the same column order as in the table above.

  • PRP: This refers to the Payment Reference Period. For example, employees may be paid weekly, monthly, four weekly or fortnightly.
    • Date PRP Start – the date on which the relative contribution period started.
    • Date PRP End – the date on which the relative contribution period ends.
    • Salary for PRP – gross earnings for the contribution period before salary thresholds are applied.
  • Employer and Employee Lump Sum: If the employer or the employee would like to make an additional payment into the fund, enter the value into the corresponding column. This is not validated but cannot be a negative value. This can also be used if extra amounts need to be paid in for previous periods.

Group Life Assurance

If the company does not use Group Life Assurance, then leave Column H blank.

If your company does use Group Life Assurance, column H should have the Group Life Assurance Contribution Value for that employee within that Payment Reference Period.

Example - monthly paid employees with Group Life Assurance