The auto-enrolment solution for Northern Ireland

How do I confirm the Direct Debit amount?

If you have just uploaded contributions, this option will open automatically.

If you did not confirm the Direct Debit at the time of upload:

Select the Account Login option at the top right hand corner of the screen and select Employer Login.

Enter your username and password.

On the My Profile page select Upload and View contributions and then select Confirm Direct Debit.

If there are any employees with no contributions or there is a gap in the contribution dates the relevant employees will be listed. If contributions are not due because

  • the salary was below the threshold for pension contributions this can be confirmed, or
  • the employee has left or opted out, then the record can be updated from this screen.

Zero contributions will then be generated for any periods where the contributions are below the threshold.

Once this process is complete you will be provided with a breakdown of the amount due with a comparison against the previous month.

You will be asked to confirm that the value of the Direct Debit displayed is correct.

If any further changes are required before the Direct Debit is collected, these can be amended. The amount to be deducted by Direct Debit will adjust accordingly.

Once the Direct Debit has been created for submission to the bank (the day after the deadline date for uploading contributions), no further adjustments can be made to these contributions. You can see the detail of how the direct debit value is calculated by viewing the contribution statement.  Please contact us immediately if you realise that the amounts uploaded are incorrect.