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What is the pension contribution upload file format for salary sacrifice?

This process applies for contributions up to and including September 2020.  A new file format will apply from October 2020.  Click here for further information.

The following information is required for the pension contribution upload file:

Column Field Content Data Type (max characters) Example
A NINO Alphanumeric (9) XX111111X
B Employee Name (this field will not be validated and is purely for information purposes) Alphanumeric (100) Peter Wilson
C Contribution Date Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 20/04/2019
D Employer Pension Contribution (including Salary Sacrifice Contribution) Numeric (5,2) 00000.00
E Blank Blank  
F Zeroes Numeric (5,2) 00000.00
G Group Life Assurance (if appropriate) Numeric (5,2) 00000.00

NB When saving the .csv file for upload there should be no titles or totals.

If your company uses Salary Sacrifice instead of employee contributions, all contributions should be entered into column D.  Column E should be blank. Column F should have zeroes.


Contribution file format if using Group Life Assurance

If your company also uses Group Life Assurance, column D should be completed as appropriate, column E should be blank, column F should be have zeroes and column G should be completed with the premium amounts.