The auto-enrolment solution for Northern Ireland

  • Why recommend us?
    Workers Pension Trust is a defined contribution occupational pension scheme open to all businesses in the United Kingdom.
  • How much does it cost?
    Workers Pension Trust is run on a not-for-profit basis. The member and employer charges are explained in this section.
  • Investment approach
    The Scheme’s default Lifestyle Strategy is designed to meet the changing investment needs of a typical pension investor as they progress through life towards their Normal Retirement Age.
  • Group Life Assurance
    Group Life Assurance is a valuable employee benefit which provides a tax-free lump sum to the loved ones of an employee who dies whilst covered by the policy.
  • How Delegated Access works
    Delegated Access means that the employer has delegated the administration of their online account to an Accountant, Financial Adviser or Payroll Bureau to carry out the following tasks on their behalf.
  • Advisers FAQs
    This section providers the answers to the most common questions from advisers.
  • Master Trust Authorisation
    In August 2019 Workers Pension Trust became the first Northern Ireland based pension provider to be awarded Master Trust Authorisation from The Pensions Regulator.

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