The auto-enrolment solution for Northern Ireland

How much does it cost?

Contribution charge

A contribution charge is deducted on each contribution going into the pension fund. This is 1.8%. For example: £80 is added to the fund each month. The contribution charge would then be £1.44 per month or a total of £17.28 per year.

Annual Management Charge (AMC)

An AMC is deducted off the value of the pension fund each year. This is 0.3%. For example: If the fund is worth £5,000 this means that the AMC for that year would be £15.

Investment Switching charges

Members who have chosen the Freestyle Option are entitled to switch investments twice per annum without an administration charge. Subsequent requests within a 12 month period may incur a charge, a decision which lies with the Trustee.

The Scheme’s Board of Trustee Directors reviews the charging structure on a regular basis.