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Advisers FAQs

How is Workers Pension Trust governed?

Workers Pension Trust is set up under trust to ensure that the assets are protected. Workers Pension Trust Limited, a corporate trustee, is responsible for all aspects of Scheme governance on behalf of Members. Workers Pension Trust Limited is a company limited by guarantee.  The Scheme is governed by a Board of Trustee Directors which includes Professional Trustees and Member Nominated Trustees.

How is the Scheme administered?

Workers Pension Trust is jointly administered by Cushon MT NI Ltd (who acquired Construction First Ltd in June 2021) and Mercer. Construction First Ltd had been operating a pension scheme for more than 35 years. Cushon MT NI Ltd currently administers the pension requirements of hundreds of companies and thousands of employees. Mercer is one of the UK's leading Employee Benefits providers.

How does ‘Delegated Access’ work?

Employers may delegate access to someone from outside their organisation, such as an accountant, financial adviser or payroll provider.  A ‘delegated access user’ administers all aspects of the employer’s account within Workers Pension Trust, including:

•    Enrolling workers into the Scheme
•    Processing Opt Out Forms
•    Removing workers from the Scheme
•    Updating employees’ personal information (address, salary changes etc)
•    Processing contribution payments
•    Confirming direct debit amounts
•    Updating the employer’s business and contact information
•    Corresponding with the administrator and Trustee of the Scheme

Employers remain responsible for all actions carried out by a delegated user.  For example, if the delegated user fails to provide the Scheme with pension contributions on time this would remain the employer’s responsibility.

How many employers have signed up to Workers Pension Trust to date?

More than 5000 employers from a wide range of business sectors including construction, manufacturing, transport, hospitality, health care and professional services have signed up to Workers Pension Trust.