The auto-enrolment solution for Northern Ireland

How does the contribution upload process work?

You will receive an email around the 18th of each month telling you that contributions for that month can now be uploaded e.g. if it is 18th January, contributions collected from employees in January can be uploaded to the website.  Click here for a Schedule of Payments.

To complete this monthly process you need to follow these steps:

Manage Employees

Contribution Upload

  • Create a contribution file from your payroll system and upload this file to your online account (See guidance for payroll systems and the required upload file format).
  • Manually enter the data into the data grid found on the Upload Contributions page by selecting the Open Data Grid button.

Confirm Direct Debit

Save Contribution Statement

Email reminders will be sent so that you know when contributions should be uploaded each month. This is to ensure that the Direct Debit value is correctly calculated, and the contributions are invested in Members' Accounts in a timely manner.

An email is then sent two days before the Direct Debit is collected as a final confirmation of the amount due to be collected.