The auto-enrolment solution for Northern Ireland

How do I upload the pension contribution file?

Select Account Login at the top right hand corner of the screen, then the Employer Login option.

Enter your username and password.

Select Upload and view contributions and then Contribution upload.

There are two methods of uploading pension contributions:

1.Submitting a .csv file

Instructions for creating the .csv file are provided in What is the pension contribution upload file format?

To upload a .csv file, click Upload Pension File.

Click Browse or Choose file and locate the .csv file which you will have created.

If there are any problems with your .csv file, an error message will be shown listing the reasons why it cannot be uploaded. More information on specific error messages can be found here. Once these issues have been resolved the file can be uploaded.

The system will confirm how many contributions have been successfully validated and how many need to be corrected. Any pension contributions which need to be reviewed will then appear on the screen.

2.Submit the data using the Data Grid

Select the Open Data Grid button.

Enter the data into the data grid for all contributions.

Select the Validate & Save button to validate that the data you have entered is correct.

Data Validation

Any data validation issues will be highlighted in red or orange:

  • Red means that something needs to be amended before the contribution data can be submitted
  • Orange means that there is a warning message which you need to confirm e.g. contributions relate to a previous period

(More information about error messages)

After contribution data has been updated, you can select Validate & Save.

If there are more than 80 contributions with issues that need to be checked then these will be split into separate pages.

The following message will be displayed if there are still orange warnings: Please confirm to proceed with Warnings

Submit Contributions

When all issues have been resolved, the Submit Contributions button will appear, and you should select this if you are satisfied the information provided is correct.

After pressing Submit Contributions you will asked if you need to add any more contributions. If all contributions have been uploaded, you should then confirm the Direct Debit amount.

If you would like to view the contributions that have been submitted you can view this within your Contribution Statement.