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What if I am late paying contributions?

Pension contributions should be uploaded to the Scheme by the due date. The due date is 6th of the month (or nearest working day) for contributions deducted in the previous month. The due date is confirmed monthly by email. Click here for Schedule of Payments.

The Scheme cannot collect the contributions from you until you have correctly uploaded this information to us through your online account. It is important to upload contribution files promptly and ensure you have provided the Scheme with the correct Direct Debit information.

If you have missed the monthly deadline, it is important that you upload the contributions as soon as possible after the deadline. Payment will be collected with your next Direct Debit.

Workers Pension Trust has a legal duty to monitor payments and report to the Pensions Regulator where there are patterns of consistent late payment and material payment failures.

If contributions remain outstanding for more than three months, the Trustee will be required to report you to the Pensions Regulator. The Trustee is also legally obliged to contact your employees to advise of late payments.

The Pensions Regulator can issue fines for late payment of contributions.