The auto-enrolment solution for Northern Ireland

How do I amend contributions?

If you realise that the contributions you have uploaded are incorrect, you have a few options:

If the contributions have not been submitted you can:

  • amend the details on the data grid or
  • delete individual lines on the data grid by selecting  at the end of the row or
  • delete the whole file and start again by selecting Clear All

If the contributions have been submitted but not paid for you can:

  • Upload corrected contributions and tick the option – Update previous contributions
    • If the dates match exactly with the original contributions then these will be updated
    • If the dates do not match exactly then the original contributions will remain and the new contributions will be recorded in addition to these. Please contact us if you think you need to use this option

If contributions have been submitted and paid for then they cannot be amended.

Extra amounts due can be added when uploading normal contributions using the lump sum columns.