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What is the pension contribution upload file format for salary sacrifice?

The upload file format for the WPT-E plan is not affected by changes in October 2020.

The following information is required for the pension contribution upload file:

Column Field Content Data Type (max characters) Example
A NINO Alphanumeric (9) XX111111X
B Employee Name (this field will not be validated and is purely for information purposes) Alphanumeric (200) Peter Wilson
C Credit Week Date Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 06/08/2018
D Employer Pension Contribution (including Salary Sacrifice Contribution) Numeric (5,2) 00000.00
E Blank Blank  
F Blank Blank  
G Blank Blank  
H Death Benefit Numeric (5,2) 00000.00

If your company uses Salary Sacrifice instead of employee contributions, all contributions should be entered into column D (including Additional Voluntary Contributions).  Columns E, F and G should be blank.
NB When saving the .csv file for upload there should be no titles or totals.

Example - weekly paid employees

Example - monthly paid employees