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Can I upload a bulk pension contribution file for all my employers?

Yes, as a delegated user you can either select each employer individually and upload their pension contributions or you can upload contributions for multiple employers in a single CSV file. The file must match this layout and be saved in .csv format:

Column Field Content Data Type (max characters) Example
A Employer Code Alphanumeric (8) 100063/2
B NINO Alphanumeric (9) XZ140548D
C Employee Name (this field will not be validated and is purely for information purposes) Alphanumeric (100) Gary Smith
D Contribution Date Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 16/06/2014
E Employer Pension Contribution (including Salary Sacrifice Contribution if used) Numeric (5,2) 2.45
F Employee Pension Contribution Numeric (5,2) 2.45
G Blank Blank  
H Group Life Assurance (if applicable) Numeric (5,2) 0

Once you have created your file this can be uploaded by following these steps:

On your ‘My Profile’ page click Upload a single pension contribution file for multiple employers.

On the Upload Pension Contributions page, click Upload Pension Contributions.

You will be presented with a Browse or Choose file option. When presented with this screen, navigate through your file explorer, find the file that contains the contribution information and click Upload.

All contributions will be listed alongside the name of their employer. Check the details listed are correct and click Confirm Contributions.

Once confirmed, the contributions will be displayed in more detail in regards to the employer and employee contributions, salary sacrifice and death benefit (if applicable).

To complete this process check that the contributions are correct and click Submit Contributions.