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How do I update the payment frequency or pension contribution levels for multiple employees?

If you want to update the payment frequency or pension contribution level for a number of employees at the same time you can download a file showing the current levels and then upload a file with the updated information.

This information is required because both the payment frequency and employer and employee pension contribution percentages are used by the Scheme:

1.   to validate the contributions received on behalf of each member, and

2.   to prepare the member's Annual Benefit Statement

When you joined the scheme the default contribution levels were provided as part of the application process.

When employees were first added to the Scheme, we asked you to provide their normal salary and their payment frequency.

The actual earnings are now included in the contribution file but you need to update the scheme with any changes to payment frequency or contribution levels.​

How do I update the payment frequency and pension contribution levels?

Select the Account Login option at the top right corner of the screen, then the Employer Login option.

Enter your username and password.

Select Update Employees on your My Profile page, then select Upload file - The format of the file is shown below.

How can I check what information is currently held for my employees?

You can download a report to check the current payment frequency and pension contribution percentages by clicking on the link provided and exporting to Excel.

You can use the downloaded report file as a template to change the details if required.  Before you upload the file, you should delete Row 1 (containing the headings - do not leave a blank row) and save the file in .csv (Comma Delimited) format.

Upload file format

The following information is required for the employee update upload file:

Column Field Content Data Type (max characters) Example
A* NINO Alphanumeric (9) XZ140548D
B* Employee name (this field will not be validated and is purely for information purposes) Alphanumeric (50) Gary White
C* Effective date Date (dd/MM/yyyy) 16/06/2021
D* Payment frequency Char (2) W = Weekly
M = Monthly
FN = Fortnightly
FW = Four Weekly
E* Salary per payment frequency Numeric (5,2) 1250.45 (no commas)
F* Employer pension contribution level (including Salary Sacrifice Contribution, if used) (%)3   3.00
G* Employer pension contribution calculation basis Char (1) P = First Pound
B = Qualifying Earnings
H Employee pension contribution level (%) (if applicable) Numeric (5,2) 5.00
I Employee pension contribution calculation basis Char (1) P = First Pound
B = Qualifying Earnings
J Blank Blank Blank
K Blank Blank Blank
L Group Life Assurance (£) (if applicable) Numeric (5,2) 1.00
M Group Life Assurance calculation basis Char (1) F = Fixed value
N* Employer code Alphanumeric (8) 100000/2

Columns marked with an * are required otherwise they can be left blank.

If your company uses Group Life Assurance, columns L and M should be completed with the premium amount and calculation basis.

What effective date should I use?

The effective date should be the date that the change in payment frequency or contribution level occurred.