The auto-enrolment solution for Northern Ireland

What do I do if I’ve locked my account?

Your account will be locked if you have entered the wrong username or password three times.  Your account will automatically unlock after 30 minutes if no further log in attempts are made during that time.

Alternatively, your account can be reactivated by another user from the same company.

The second user should log in and click on Manage system users in the Manage Account section. Click Search to view all users.

Click the Edit button beside the relevant user and click Edit Selected.

Click Modify and select the drop down menu beside Status, change the status from Locked to Enabled.

Click OK to confirm this change.

If the user has forgotten their password click here

If you are the only user listed on your account, contact the Scheme on 0345 475 0555 or email to request that your account is enabled.