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The Pensions Regulator Flexes its Powers

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The Pensions Regulator said earlier this year that its auto-enrolment enforcement is returning to normal levels following measures put in place in March 2020 to support employers struggling with Covid-19. 

Director of Auto-enrolment Mel Charles said: "We have continued to monitor employer behaviour and compliance closely, throughout the pandemic. The use of our powers declined significantly in the early months of the pandemic, as we introduced measures to support employers to ensure that they were not unduly penalised during a period of unprecedented administrative and financial disruption. We did not want to make a bad situation worse".

"As we anticipated and following the introduction of government support for employers, we have now lifted those easements and are returning to normal levels of enforcement activity".

"We know these are very challenging times for employers, including those who continue to receive government support, and the full impact of the pandemic on businesses will not be known for some time. However, businesses that employ staff must continue to ensure they do the right thing for savers, including putting them into a workplace pension and making contributions on their behalf".