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Coronavirus – how will this affect my pension?

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Since the coronavirus outbreak, share markets have been experiencing a period of heightened uncertainty. As a pension investor, we understand that it can be worrying to see your pension fall in value. That said, it is important to remember that your pension is a long-term investment. Looking at the historical performance of share markets experience shows that eventually markets do recover.

Should I take any action?

Neither the Company nor the Trustees are suggesting you take any direct action – they are neither qualified nor authorised to provide financial advice. It is strongly recommended if you are thinking about amending your investment choices that you consider seeking independent financial advice. You can get free, impartial information from:

You can also get impartial advice from an independent financial adviser. You can find a financial adviser through the website. (Please note, financial advisers charge for any advice provided).

Both the Company and Trustees would however like to take the opportunity to remind you:

  • When reviewing your investment choices, it is suggested that you should consider the length of time your pension savings are likely to be invested. Where appropriate, look to have a long-term outlook with regards to your pension saving investments.
  • For members approaching retirement or planning to access their benefits, the Scheme offers options that are designed to manage the level of risk taken depending on how close you are to retirement. Most members automatically benefit from this as part of the Scheme’s default Lifestyle Strategy. More information can be found here.
  • The Scheme offers a range of different types of investments, some which are considered lower-risk and can offer an alternative to share market investing. More information can be found here.
  • The Trustees monitor the performance of members' investments regularly. The Trustees also review the investment strategy with a qualified investment consultant taking a long-term investment view.

With our own business continuity plan now rolled out, many of our staff are working from home whilst a minimal crew manage the office. We are asking members to contact us by email where possible and we will get back to you either by email or phone.