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Changes to the Contribution File Format - Are You Ready?


If you normally upload the contribution file to Workers Pension Trust each month there are a number of checks you need to do to prepare for the change in October. This should allow your file to upload without any delays at the end of next month.

Important Changes to the Contribution File Format from October 2020


Workers Pension Trust is required to monitor the accuracy of contributions received. We want to make these checks more automated and are therefore making some changes to the pension contribution upload file format.

The importance of nominating beneficiaries for your workplace pension


Workers Pension Trust is reminding all members of the Scheme to complete an Expression of Wish form.

Information and Resources for your employees


A major event like Coronavirus has caused financial uncertainty for both employers and employees. Many people are worried about their own and their loved ones’ physical health at the moment, but it is important to think about how Coronavirus could impact their financial wellbeing too.

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