The auto-enrolment solution for Northern Ireland

How do I upload the pension contribution file?

Employee pension contributions are uploaded by .csv file.  Instructions for creating the .csv file are provided in What is the pension contribution upload file format?

Select the Account Login option at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Enter your username and password in the Existing Users section.

To upload the .csv file, select View and amend contribution statement and then Contribution Upload.

Click on Upload Pension File.

Click on Browse and locate the .csv file which you will have created.

If there are any problems with your .csv file, an error message will be shown listing the reasons why it cannot be uploaded. Once these issues have been resolved the file can be uploaded again.

The pension contributions will appear on the screen.

If all details are correct, press Confirm Adjustment.

The following message will be displayed: 

'The first stage of the upload process is now complete.  Final verification is required before the contributions will be updated. Please check and post the adjustments on the next screen.'

Click OK.

You will then see a summary of the contributions.  At this point you can do a final check to make sure the contributions are correct.  If satisfied, press Submit Contributions.  Otherwise select Amend Contributions or Delete Selected to correct contributions.

After pressing Submit Contributions you will be returned to the Contribution Processing page. 

You can now confirm that the value of the Direct Debit displayed is correct by clicking on Confirm Direct Debit.  This is explained further in How do I confirm the Direct Debit amount?