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Can I transfer my fund?

If you’ve worked for several employers it is likely that you have built up several pension pots.

You may be able to transfer your existing pots into your Workers Pension account. Workers Pension does not charge for transfers in.

We recommend that you take advice before transferring your pension(s). You can get free, impartial information from the MoneyHelper website.

You can also get impartial advice about workplace pensions from an independent financial adviser. If you need help finding a regulated independent financial adviser, you can visit the Financial Conduct Authority website.

Pension scams

Thousands of people have lost their life savings after falling for a pension scam. Don't be next.

We would recommend that you exercise caution if you have received a website promotion, text message, cold-call or advert encouraging you to transfer your benefits in order to access a cash payment or loan.

Legislation states that cash from pensions cannot be accessed before you reach age 55 and any plans that claim to provide you with a loan or cash sum greater than the Scheme could provide should be avoided.

In spite of this there are a number of companies offering ways to release existing pensions, or a proportion, as cash. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases, these promises are bogus and such plans may result in you paying substantial tax charges and receiving a lower benefit in retirement.

Further details are available in the Pensions Regulator's Pension Scam Leaflet which includes four steps to protect your pension.

Next steps

If you would like to transfer your existing pension(s) to Workers Pension, please complete the Transfer in Acceptance Form or contact or telephone 0345 475 0555.